Sunday, November 21, 2010

"when i think of home...

...i think of a place where there's love overflowing." i love that song from the musical the wiz. as i have been able to spend time in chicago visiting family and doing some legal things to live in italy, well, i've learned even more about home. what is home? when i was younger and until i got married, home was the place you belong. no matter what happens, home is the best place to be. it's comfortable and compares with no other place.
when gabriele decided to send me back to chicago for thanksgiving and to get legal work done in person rather than via snail-mail or e-mail, i was torn. it was kind of exciting to think of seeing chicago again and seeing my family and hanging out with chico. i cried. quite a bit. i didn't want to leave gabriele. our whole relationship was long-distance and so when we finally got married i hoped i wouldn't have to do that again. and i've just started feeling like a real wife with my own kitchen and home responsibilities. i kept asking gabriele if he wanted me to make him some ragu and put it in the freezer before i left so he could eat it with pasta while i was gone. he had to constantly remind me that he can still take care of himself. :)
since the beginning of our marriage gabriele has taught me that home is our home now. us together, is our home. chicago isn't home, cormons isn't home. i think often it's just weird to leave home behind and realize that when you are married you and your spouse are a family. being away from gabriele for almost a month solidified all of the things he has taught me before. i miss home. i miss dinner and chats with my husband and i miss my life in italy.
america is where a lot of family and friends are. but italy is where my family is. italy is home.

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