Wednesday, August 26, 2009

yes, i'm one of them

so for a long time i have been trying to find a job. the search was rather annoying. the lack of a job was terrible because i'm used to doing things, not waiting for something to do. either way, within the week after i came home from girls' camp i received two phone calls. first from white castle and second from target. since i'm not full-time, my goal is to work at both, but for right now i am an official white castle employee. :)
i must say, i consider the food-related jobs to be in my comfort area. working at a university cafeteria for 3 years gave me this confidence. and i can honestly say i like working with food...a lot. why? because it always ends up being a fun job. you meet a lot of people and you learn a lot of valuable skills: multitasking is a great one. and your co-workers become good friends who know how to make work not so work-y.
i go to work everyday and while i'm there, i think, you know, i love this job. i work for a place that i love and respect. if you don't love or respect white castle then you can stop reading. but there's something different about white castle, the company and its customers. it's all real. the workers are real people, the customers are loyal and i would argue that the elderly customers at white castle are the cutest customers you will find anywhere in the world.
i keep telling gabriele he should work at white castle (which is impossible and would never happen) because he'd get free food. he's always very tempted. the first time i took gabriele to white castle he'd already scarfed down two slyders before i could ask him if he liked it. hmmm. i knew then that i was definitely falling in love with the right person. seriously, a spouse who doesn't like white castle? not worth it!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Deep Thought

Deep thoughts coming out from me are usually dangerous :)

Anyway, some time ago, after I proposed to Claudia, I talked to one of our friends about our decision to get married. It was a short conversation, because we both had business to take care of,
but he told me some things that I will never forget.
He got married few years ago and since then he has a happy family.
He said that he was really happy about our decision to get married, him and his wife really like Claudia, then he said that the first thing you should look for in your wife is a best friend. Some one you can rely on completely, because I would spend the rest of my life with this person.
I started thinking about it. It's totally true.
Marriage is one of the most challenging experiences in a human's life, I can see that from outside. And if you don't trust your spouse well that could be a problem.

There is something particular that I have with Claudia.. I realized that with her I can be totally open. I can say what I think and I don't have to hide anything. This is how it should be.
We talk a lot, but that's a good thing! We express the things that make us happy or sad. Claudia for me is my best friend. I know I can rely on her and I can trust her. Especially in our long distance relationship.
One particular thing that I could see in her is that she is patient with me. She listen to what I have to say. She is there when I need her. She is there to make me happy when I'm sad. She is there to comfort me when I need comfort. She is just perfect.
I love her!