Monday, March 29, 2010 i missed you.

it's official. it's booked. i am going to italy! yes, that's right. my birthday surprise from gabriele is a trip to visit him after i graduate. i am really happy. thank goodness i get to see him again before we get married in august. i've been feeling not-so-good about there being 7 months between the last time i saw gabriele and the day we get married.
i'm mostly excited to go house shopping. isn't that just cool? we have to make a trip to the embassy in florence. and we'll probably make a quick trip to croatia. because we can. :) i'll also look for a job. teaching or tutoring english i hope. all of this makes me even more impatient and gives me an even more serious case of senioritis. but i'm almost done with all of these projects.
i am so happy and feeling so blessed right now. these months are gonna fly by. and i am really looking forward to that. i guess i should be better at planning my wedding. well, my dress finally came in and my mom will pick it up in a few days. so that was good news. now i just have to finalize "the list." i don't much like that. i want to have a small wedding, but i can't seem to keep it under 120-ish. eh. we'll see. i ramble. anyway. italy! yes!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


i am so excited. like really excited. like this time i mean it. i just found out what my "surprise" birthday present from gabriele is! i can't wait. okay, so i guess it's not a surprise anymore. not to me, at least. but it's one of those things that you can't completely leave as a surprise. either way, i'll probably write about it when it's all figured out, but for now, you might hate me, but it's a surprise to you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

march. best month ever.

march is my favorite month. st.patrick's day. my birthday. gabriele's birthday. spring. what isn't there to love about this month? it's passed by super fast for me, and umm i'm definitely not complaining. i can't wait to get married! and you know what, i deserve to say that because i have been engaged for a long time. i'm just saying that so you don't think i'm impatient! which of course i am by nature, so it's okay. currently i feel a little silly. i just finished an episode of lost, i'm on my bed drinking cedevita and chewing dubble bubble eggs. maybe i'm happy? haha. my jaw hurts from all this gum. anyway. i've been wanting to write something recently. just to write. i love gabriele. and hey it's my blog, i can say what i want. i hold back the pda on facebook and in public because i think it's stupid to bug other people. but here i feel more free because i don't know exactly what the purpose of my blog is, but it's kinda like a casual journal.
i have to give gabriele credit for being one of the most patient human beings on the face of the earth. the only reason he can't escape is because he loves me. poor thing! i have times when i feel like crap and i feel lonely and even if i call him at 3 in the morning, he will get up and come on skype within seconds telling me that he loves me and asking me what he can do to make me feel better. and who can resist his bedhead??? and i always feel terrible (which he hates) because i just need him and the only way i can be happier is if i talk to him. i don't know how he does it but he is there whenever i need him. and i am so thankful for that! he always says he doesn't do enough or he wishes he could do more for me or give me more. i always ask "what more do i need?" each day i grow more and more in love with him. and even though i tell him this all the time, maybe he'll be convinced that i really love him if i put it in writing.
so in conclusion, march is a wonderful month. i'm loopy today, if you couldn't tell.