Friday, September 3, 2010


this year gabriele and i experienced the best day of our far. we were sealed in the lds chicago temple on saturday, august 7, 2010. it seemed like a long wait after having a 14-month engagement, but as the days dwindled time felt like they went too fast. when it finally came life felt a little unreal. but so wonderful. i was stressed and it sounds terrible but most of the day i was just waiting for a nice nap.
the temple is really the only thing i'd like to talk about. it was without a doubt the most important part and the most amazing part of the day. being in the temple with the love of my life on your wedding day was for me the greatest thing i have ever experienced. there were no doubts and there was no fear. there was a love that was beyond earthly that overcame me. being in the sealing room was almost surreal as it was hard to believe that God's plan for his children and for families is so perfect, so eternal, and so complete.
Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us. He has a plan for families. happiness and joy are eternal. i don't think you can ever quite know exactly what that means, or how important it is, and how serious it is until you are kneeling at the altar.
then you really know why it was so important to prepare to come to the temple. even if it was important before, you really see it then.
of course there were parties in chicago and italy to follow. and those were wonderful and the food was incredible. but fun and food and laughter are still fleeting moments. what happened in the temple is what lasts forever. i am so grateful for it. gabriele helps me to remember often that we are a family now. that family is forever.
to learn more about temples and eternal families, please don't hesitate to visit: be curious! but look to the source! true happiness found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is worth it!