Saturday, April 17, 2010


for a long time we have wondered exactly what our origins are. we know it's easily put at 50% polish, 50% mexican. we knew our mexican side most likely had some european blood because of our facial structure and overall look. well, looks like the results are in. i was informed by my mother who did some research that the brian and ubalda peters' children are:
interesting, huh? all my life i've gotten random comments on my ethnicity. actually, all us kids have. denise especially. :) so if i do the math right, my children will be:
in other words...very european! although i remember telling ivana all of these percentages and she though i was crazy because people in europe don't do that. but i'm like, we do that all the time.

Monday, April 12, 2010


i'm just about the best at procrastinating. it's the night before the last day of school and i'm watching captain ron just because it's on t.v. i tried to make myself a little more motivated by making a task list on my pre. i have about 8 things to do and while i've started almost all of them, i'm certain i won't be done until the last minute tomorrow.
yes, i'm procrastinating so much that i'm blogging about it. and it's not even like my assignments are difficult. it's just a lot of writing. i write. it's one of the main things i do. but i just don't feel like doing it now, other than right here.
okay, well, i should actually try to be productive. but i'm going to italy in two weeks, how am i supposed to focus?! and i'm planning my wedding little by little each day. which reminds me, i found the perfect etsy seller to custom make shoe clips for my wedding shoes! i ordered my veil, and i'm still deciding on favors. i'm nearly done with my wedding site, and am ready to send some save-the-dates. wedding list: still not my favorite thing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

this is life

sometimes i just don't know what to write in this blog.
recently i pondered about marriage and being able to share my life with the person i love the most.
of course i can't expect it to be easy. too many things are unknown. we don't know what future holds for us. often i think that i am not good enough. then claudia always finds a way to make me shut up. eheh. needless to say my life wouldn't be as happy without her. i realized that it doesn't really matter what the future holds for us as long as we are together facing difficulties and good things of life.
many couples just run from hard times. i personally think that obstacles in your life just make you grow up. gain more experience.
to use a practical example: as an electrician i usually get in contact with the reality of the job. on paper it's always easy to make a wire pass from a room to the other, then when you see that two rooms are separated by a 1+ foot concrete wall you realize that it won't be that simple. i'm pretty sure that whoever gets to this point for the first time in his life wants to quit, but the job has to be done. the wire won't pass alone through that wall. so you think and eventually you'll be able to find a solution so that that wire can go to the other room. well the hard part of thinking and finding a solution gives you experience, so you know that next time when you face the same problem you'll already know what to do. did i make sense?
so in life, trials are unexpected and most of the time are not as easy as they look. but together, with a little bit of patience you'll be able to overcome difficulties and if the same problem comes to you a second time you'll already know how to deal with it.
i know that it's hard. believe me, a thick concrete wall may make you feel like it's easier to quit, but i assure you that you'll find other walls on your path. plus i guess that everytime you pass a hard time in your life you get stronger. like muscles. the more you work the more they grow stronger, and if the first time lifting 20 pounds might be too difficult the second time it's much easier. and so on the third and the fourth. meanwhile the 20 pounds will still weigh 20 pounds you'll be able to lift them with less effort than the first time.
well life as a married couple you have a huge help.. you are in two. and believe me everything done in two is easier to do. we just need to be patient with one another and help each other.
i have to thank claudia, because without her i wouldn't be able to go through a lot of things. she was and is there everytime i need her. still don't know how she does it but i'm glad she does!
life with her is fantastic and i look forward to spend it with her 24/7. i love her and all my happiness i have is a result of the love she has for me. A LOT!
thank you love for all that you do for me. i love you.