Friday, July 30, 2010

thousands of people around the world every day are surrounded by precious things. diamonds, gold in its various colors, silver, ruby, emeralds just to name some of them. i have a simple sing, yellow gold with a somewhat of a crent on it in yellow, white and red gold with a small cubic zirconia in the middle. it was the last gift that my grand mother gave me before her passing away. well actually she gave me money and i decided to buy something that would last forever as my sweet memories i have of her.
mankind since the beginning had the attitude and the need of, i'd like to call it, showing off. covering themselves with gold. covering their houses with gold.
i used a picture of a diamond because diamonds are most often source of great pain for many people. technically diamonds are not rare. as in the world there is plenty of it. it's that all the speculation that man does that gives a piece of carbon turn to something precious and epensive. and a must have thing.
people are killed because of diamonds and gold. well they are killed for many other reasons but this time i'd like to focus on this subject. when a society becomes too welthy, when they live for money, and gold, then most likely that society is going to fall.
now we know that a diamond is forever, as well as gold and silver. did we ever wondered why wedding bands are usually made of gold?
isn't gold one of the most precious and lasting metals? shouldn't marriage in a theorical and practical way last forever? i was always into symbols, because symbols are the easiest way to explain a concept. wedding bands are round because a circle is a symbl of eternity. so shouldn't marriage be eternal? if we combine both symbols we have that marriage has to be eternal and long lasting. i separate the those things even though might sound the same for a reason. eternal is because marriage is eternal as time. long lasting because gold never gets rust. it doesnt' fade away or change with time. a piece of gold keeps being a piece of gold even if we leave it under a storm or a hurricane. iron might get attacked by rust. it will dissolve.
why am i saying these things?
a wise man once said that precious materials as agold and silver should be used to help us remember the importance of a place or a person in our lives.
precious metals or rocks should never be used to enrich ourselves, rather should be used to enrich the memory of the moment or the sacredness of a place.
when a guy gives his girl an engagement ring, that ring is more than gold and diamond, it is a promise of eternal love. no matter how big the stone is, no matter how much gold is in it.
when we'll leave this life, gold will stay right here on earth. but we will bring with us every single emotion we had. especially love.
humanity when doesn't have glod or stuff proclaim themseves to be poor. but when i talked to the one of these poor people he said that no matter what he was still the most rich man on earth, when i asked him how was he the most rich he said: "because i have the most beautiful wife. and we are in love. and love is something that you can't buy with gold."

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